CO2-Free Purge Gas Generators

Air 2 Gas Tech’s Purge Gas Generator Systems are designed to continuously remove water vapour and CO2 from compressed air and inert gasses. At Air 2 Gas Tech, our FT-IR Purge Gas Generator range is tailored specifically to laboratory and industrial requirements. This ultra-dry air generating system is ideal for continuous emissions monitoring, environmental instruments, gas chromatographs and zero air systems, among many other applications.

Our Purge Gas Generator units use 13X molecular sieve media with the pressure-swing adsorption (PSA) process to reduce levels of CO2 to below 1 PPM and reduce water vapour content to less than -70°C. This makes any unit in the range the ideal partner for laboratory applications such as TOC analysers and FT-IR Spectrometers.

Reliability and performance are key in supplying our clients with products of the highest quality. From package selection to maintenance and servicing, our team offers continual advice and bespoke support.

For information on our Purge Gas Generators get in touch with the Air 2 Gas Tech team today.