5 Ways Nitrogen Is Used In Everyday Life

Nitrogen gas is quite literally all around us, making up around 78% of our earth's atmosphere. This colourless, odourless gas has lots of useful applications, you can learn about some of them below.

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Food Preservation

Nitrogen for food packaging. N2 is used for creating a modified atmosphere where it is applied along with carbon dioxide for preservation of the fresh packaged foods by safeguarding against oxidative damage. More on Nitrogen for food packaging.


Nitrogen is extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, it is present in every major pharmacological drug class, including antibiotics. As nitrous oxide, it is used as an anaesthetic. Besides, cryopreservation also uses nitrogen to preserve sperm, egg, blood and various other biological specimens. More on Nitrogen used in the medical industry.

Manufacturing and Construction

“Shrink fitting” which is now more commonly used is when the inner part of metal is cooled by using liquid nitrogen making it shrink. Once inserted, the temperature is returned to normal and the metal returns to its original size giving it a tight fit. It is also used as liquid nitrogen in tunnel construction where the ground is water-soaked. Liquid nitrogen is pumped into the ground through pipes. When nitrogen is deposited into the soil, it vaporizes eliminating heat from the soil and freezing it. More on Nitrogen use in manufacturing.


It is used in the CPUs of computers in order to prevent them from heating up. It is widely used in the fire suppression systems for I.T. equipment. Nitrogen is also used in X-ray detectors.

Stainless Steel

Nitrogen is used as a purging gas in the steel industry, protecting the weld seam until it has cooled to the point that oxidation no longer can occur. It is also used as a shield gas for safeguarding technological processes against oxidation. Previously industries had their nitrogen gas supply delivered in cylinders or in bottles from their closest nitrogen plant. This resulted in high costs and inconsistent purity. Having a nitrogen generator on site provides an uninterrupted supply of gas at a consistent purity. More on Nitrogen used in soldering.

Having your own nitrogen generator allows you to generate your own nitrogen, eliminating processing, refills and delivery costs. They are easy to install and we can provide you with a reliable source of nitrogen gas generated on demand. A fully automatic nitrogen generator will deliver high purity nitrogen.

PSA technology guarantees an excellent return on investment.

Nitrogen generators are used in various laboratory and industrial sectors including Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Aerospace. Our nitrogen gas generators are small, quiet and offer instant access to newly produced gas.

High Purity Nitrogen Generators

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