Used Nitrogen Generators for Sale

Air 2 Gas Tech often has a small stock of used nitrogen generators for sale. These are usually available due to customers’ upgrading to larger capacity systems as their nitrogen requirements change and grow.

Our nitrogen generating systems all use Pressure Swing Adsorption technology which is renowned for its longevity and reliability. Utilising carbon molecular sieve, a well maintained, used nitrogen generator can provide its new owner with a trouble free and reliable way of making ultra high purity nitrogen for many years as well as saving them money on the initial purchase without compromising on specification.

Refurbished Nitrogen Generators

All our nitrogen gas generator systems are tested, serviced, refurbished and/or reworked depending on their condition. They are sold with a one year warranty and can be installed by our engineers if required. Please contact us for a current stock list and to discuss your requirements.

Hydrogen Generator Product Training

Our used equipment includes a 1 year warranty. Installation is available on request.

Advantages of a Used Nitrogen Generator

  • Save money on the capital purchase

  • Prevent initial depreciation in value

  • Low Carbon Footprint

  • One Year Warranty

  • Quick Lead Times

  • Maintenance Contracts and service plans are available for ongoing peace of mind