TOC Gas Generator

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The Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Gas Generator produces CO2 and moisture free air for use with TOC analysers.

The Air 2 Gas Tech TOC gas generator removes CO2 and moisture from compressed air. It purifies an existing compressed air supply to produce carrier or combustion gas for TOC analysers, eliminating the requirement, expense and inconvenience of heavy gas cylinders.

Ensure consistent, reliable, TOC analysis operation and significantly reduce your instrument service and maintenance costs with a Air 2 Gas Tech TOC Gas Generator. For information on our TOC Gas Generators get in touch with the Air 2 Gas Tech team today.

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The TOC gas generator with Total Organic Carbons (TOC) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) removed is essential for many industrial and laboratory applications.

This compact and wall-mountable unit is easily integrated with other systems and offers improved process quality, as well as eliminating the safety risk and cost of gas cylinders.

Flow ml/min



17 kg


less than 0.1 ppm CO2

Outlet Pressure

70-120 psig/0.1-11 barg


110-120V 60Hz/ 220-240V 50Hz


342W x 234H x 123D