CO2-Free Air in FT-IR Spectroscopy – the benefits

Using CO2-free air in Fourier-transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy is important for several reasons:

  1. Reduced Interference: CO2 can absorb infrared radiation in the same spectral region as many organic functional groups, leading to interference with the analyte signals. By using CO2-free air, you minimise this interference, allowing for clearer spectra and more accurate identification of functional groups.
  2. Baseline Stability: CO2 can contribute to baseline drift and fluctuations in FT-IR spectra, thereby making it challenging to differentiate between true analyte peaks and background noise. On the other hand, using a Dry Air feed with CO2 removed helps maintain a stable baseline, improving the reliability of spectral interpretation and quantitative analysis.
  3. Improved Sensitivity: Eliminating CO2 ensures that the instrument detects only the infrared absorption bands of interest, thus enhancing sensitivity and enabling the detection of trace components in samples.
  4. Prevention of Contamination: CO2 can contaminate optical components and sample cells in FT-IR instruments, affecting the quality of spectra and potentially causing damage to the equipment. Using CO2-free air helps prevent such contamination, prolonging the lifespan of the instrument and ensuring consistent performance.
  5. Consistency in Results: By using CO2-free generator as the purge gas or for sample handling, you establish a consistent environment for analysis, leading to reproducible results across experiments and laboratories.

Overall, using CO2-free air in FT-IR spectroscopy is essential for obtaining reliable and accurate spectral data, particularly in applications where high sensitivity and precision are required for sample analysis and identification of chemical compounds.

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