Nitrogen for 3D Printing

Nitrogen for 3D Printing

There’s a very simple equation in 3D printing: the better the atmosphere, the better quality parts produced.  3D additive manufacturing machines have been around for over twenty years, but their usage has soared in the last few.  To meet the high-tolerance standards required in parts manufacturing, Nitrogen is commonly used to provide inert atmospheres for 3D product production.

3D printing used on a major scale in many industries now for:

Nitrogen for 3D Printing –

Medical applications

From prosthesis to dental implants and even hearing aids, 3D machines have a huge range of applications in medicine.

Rapid Prototyping

In manufacturing, 3D printing allows companies to provide short runs of customised parts for low costs.

Aerospace parts

The incredible accuracy of 3D manufacturing machines makes them the perfect choice for the production of parts for the aerospace industry.

With additive manufacturing, the combination of lasers and powdered metal or plastics requires an inert environment.  Nitrogen is injected to reduce the amount of oxygen in the production atmosphere and reduce the risk of combustion. 3D production can be a very long and delicate process which makes a Nitrogen Generator the perfect choice for this purge process due to its reliability and continuous output of high purity gas.

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