Fresher for longer with Air 2 Gas Tech – Nitrogen use in food packaging

Nitrogen use in food packaging

Summer is on the way!  And with it comes the fantastic tastes, colours and smells of delicious fresh fruit. We all know that, but did you know that Nitrogen plays a big part in helping us get fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables all year round? Nitrogen use in food packaging is essential.

As soon as you cut an apple it starts turning brown as its delicate flesh is exposed to the air around it – so why can I buy a pack of apple slices from the supermarket that look freshly cut, even though they were sliced hours or even days earlier?

Well, it’s not magic that keeps the pre-cut fruit from turning brown, it’s simple science.  There is a lack of oxygen in the packet.  As soon as a piece of fruit’s flesh is exposed to air, the enzymes in the juicy fruit start to react with the oxygen in the air, and oxidisation occurs, causing discolouration.

By removing the oxygen and replacing it with Nitrogen the fruit stays fresh for longer.  It’s not just pre-sliced fruit that can benefit from clever packing, all fruits and vegetables can be kept fresher for longer using MAP. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a safe solution used to replace the ambient air in a package with dry Nitrogen.  This simple but clever solution helps to keep fruit fresh without affecting its texture or flavour.

A Nitrogen Generator is a great choice for seasonal food packaging plants, as it ensures a constant, reliable, adjustable supply of nitrogen just when required.

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