10 Ways to Maximise the Performance of your Nitrogen Generator

PSA nitrogen generators are the more reliable way to generate nitrogen and often have a service lifespan in excess of 10 years before their carbon molecular sieve beds require to be changed out. Our installation and service engineers have put together their top tips to maximise performance and longevity of your purchase.

  1. The compressed air supply is key. Clean, dry and oil-free is perfect whether from an external existing supply or from an integrated compressor. If you are using house air, ensure it has a minimum grade of  ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 1.4.1. If required, filtration can be added in line to ensure that this grade is met prior to entry to the nitrogen generator.
  1. The installation area should ideally be clean, dry and dust free. The N2 generator will need to be protected from frost and excess heat. The ambient temperature shouldn’t exceed 35°C.
  1. Make sure the fans or vents on both your compressor and generator are not covered to allow air to circulate.
  1. Situating the generator close to the power supply is helpful in the event that power needs to be isolated to perform checks.
  1. If possible, leaving enough room around the generator to enable easy servicing and weekly checks is a good idea.
  1. Make sure any pipework and connections are leak-free. Leaks make the generator work harder, increase power consumption and can accelerate wear and tear on components.
  1. Ensure the compressor drain is working and collecting water in the drain bottle. If there’s no water, it’s not working! Some external compressors may have manual drains. Check the operating manual if you are not sure. This check should be carried out at least weekly. Moisture ingress into the generator is not desirable!
  1. Keep the nitrogen generator running within spec. Adding on additional instruments or processes which require more flow than the generator is built for can cause problems. Nitrogen purity will drop and wear and tear on the compressor motor and other motors exacerbated.
  1. All nitrogen generators have a N2 Available LED which is a useful visual indicator. If the light goes out during normal operation, it may indicate a high flow requirements, a leak or low pressure within the generator. A call to your supplier will help to get you back up and running as soon as possible.
  1. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidance on generator servicing and maintenance. Air 2 Gas Tech offer a range of Service and Maintenance plans to suit each customer.