Nitrogen Generators for Coffee Producers/Packers

Whether your company is packing whole beans, ground coffee, or espresso pods, we have a nitrogen generation solution to extend product shelf life and lower costs. Our nitrogen generators are built based on simplicity, reliability and low cost of operation.

Roasting coffee involves several steps, beginning with heat converting the acids, proteins, and sugar in green coffee into rich brown coffee. This operation also brings out the locked-in flavours with different aromas similar to roasted chocolate, nuts, berries, fruits, flowers, and more. Nitrogen generation is an essential component in coffee roasting and packaging because it maintains quality to stay fresh and flavourful.

Nitrogen Generators for Coffee Producers and Packers

Here are other ways using a nitrogen generator for food-grade nitrogen generation is beneficial to coffee processing:

  • Maintaining freshness between roasting and packaging. Using a nitrogen generator produces a steady stream of nitrogen generation over the roasted beans to keep them fresh while they wait to be packaged.
  • Remove oxygen from the packaging bag or container by flushing it with a nitrogen generator. This rids the packaging of oxygen and moisture before filling it with the roasted coffee beans.
  • Coffee pods and K-cups can be flushed with nitrogen generation, too, for longer shelf life while maintaining freshness.
  • Nitrogen infused coffee is widely popular. A nitrogen-generated blend can be injected into the coffee during processing to create a smooth and less bitter taste.

Air 2 Gas Tech produces dependable nitrogen generators. They can expand with your business and afford you a low cost of operation. Find out how you can save on costs with reliable nitrogen generation in your facility, and contact our team to discover the best solution for you.