How the Medical Industry Benefits From Using Nitrogen Generators

Medical Industry Benefits From Using Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen gas is used throughout medical and pharmaceutical industries, often as a purge gas to reduce the presence of Oxygen in situations where combustion is a concern. Nitrogen is a cool, dry, inert, gas that can displace Oxygen so ‘blanketing’ an environment using Nitrogen gas stabilises materials that could otherwise be harmful when combined with Oxygen.

Nitrogen Generators are popular in medical and laboratory situations because of the increased safety, convenience, reliability, ease of use and ease of storage they offer compared to using high pressure gas cylinders.

Safety & Convenience

Handling and switching high pressure Nitrogen gas cylinders always presents a danger of leakage, or injury to the person tasked with swapping or transporting the cylinders. Nitrogen Generators never have to be switched out or used at dangerous pressure levels. Instead, they offer easy operation and automatically shutdown if any leakage is detected.


Nitrogen Generators produce high purity gas, supplying the amount you need when you need it. Titan-N2’s technology creates Nitrogen gas from the surrounding air and requires very little maintenance.

Easy to Use and Easy to Store

Nitrogen Generators are compact and simple to operate. By replacing high pressure tanks you remove the requirement for deliveries and storage of new cylinders.

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